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Unless specifically instructed by the Chief Race Official during the Team Captain and Steersmen’s Meeting, the following rules, definitions  and regulations will be applied to the rulings and operations of the Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Race and Festival. All teams and team members must read and understand these rules and regulations. Clarifications may be requested in writing by the Team Captain prior to the race or verbally during the Team Captain and Steersmen’s meeting.



Safety is the primary responsibility of all participants and organizers.

Notify the Check-In Tent should you notice a situation that may put someone’s safety at risk.

First-Aid station will be located at the Check-In Tent and EMS will be on site.

Anyone appearing to be intoxicated (at any degree) will not be allowed on a dragon boat and will be asked to leave the marshaling area.



Crew: Any person in a dragon boat. Must be 10 years old on race day.

Drummer: Person seated at the front of the boat, facing the crew. Uses the drum to manage paddlers during the race.

Heat: A race on the race course between two or more teams 

Heat Number: The numerical assignment of each race.

Marshaling: Assembling a team in the Marshaling Area; waiting to be called to approach the docks and load onto the boats. 

Marshaling Area: Designated area near the loading docks.

Race Committee: Event Coordinators and Chief Race Official.

Race Divisions: Competitive Category of teams competing against each other. 25 medals are awarded to each of the top 3 teams within a Division/Sub-Division Finals race.

  • Breast Cancer Survivor Division – All paddlers must be breast cancer survivor
  • Campus Division – St Rose Hospital Campus Team, Mixed crew, minimum 8 female paddlers
  • Club Mixed Division – Mixed crew, minimum 8 female paddlers
  • Corporate/Community Division – Mixed crew, minimum 8 female paddlers
  • 2019 Rookie Division – First time, non-experienced Corporate/Community team, Mixed crew, minimum 8 female paddlers
  • Women’s Division – All paddlers must be women

Race Grid: The estimated marshaling/race times, heat numbers and lane placement assigned to race teams

Race Results Board: Large board with up-to-the minute race times and results; List of qualifying teams and their assigned heat numbers for Division Finals. Located near the floating entertainment stage.

Steersmen: Steers the dragon boat. Serves as the on-board safety officer responsible for the safety of crew members. Initiates the count-off of crew members in the case of a capsize. 

Team Captain: Responsible for marshaling the team 30 minutes before the assigned heat is called. Keeps the crew under control while on the water. The team captain is the only individual on a team who can indicate and/or file a protest to the Chief Judge.

Team : Minimum of 14, maximum of 20 Paddlers, a Drummer and Steersman (provided if needed). 


Team/Team Captain/Steersmen Responsibilities

  • Team Captains must complete the Team Roster and ensure all crew members complete the online Participant Event Waiver to be cleared to race
  • Team Captains and Steersmen must attend the 7:30am Team Captain and Steersman meeting
  • Team Captains are responsible for knowing their team’s assigned Heat Numbers. Heat Numbers for each team’s two qualifying races can be found on the Race Grid . The Race Grid will be emailed to all teams the week before the race. Heat Numbers for teams that qualify in Division Finals can be found on the Race Results Board near the floating entertainment stage on the day of the race
  • Teams must proceed to the Marshaling Area when their assigned Heat Number is displayed on the large display board near the floating entertainment stage or in the Marshaling Area.
  • ALL Teams must watch for their approaching Heat Number on the large display board near the floating entertainment stage or in the Marshaling Area. You must Marshal your team when your Heat Number is displayed. Heat numbers are displayed approximately 30 minutes before the actual race. 
  • Team Captains must ensure their team is gathered at the Marshaling Area when the team’s heat number is displayed on the large board, regardless of estimated race time indicated on the Race Grid. Heat Numbers are displayed approximately 30 minute before ACTUAL race time.
  • Teams not in Marshaling Area 15-30 minutes prior to their ACTUAL race time may be disqualified

Please NOTE*** All Race Times Listed on the Race Grid are ESTIMATED. You MUST watch for your Heat Number to be displayed on the board to know your ACTUAL race time.

All crew members must properly wear a US Coast Guard Approved personal flotation device or life jacket. Life jackets are provided as needed. No inflatable PFDs allowed.

Paddlers must use either paddles provided or IDBF approved 202a paddles

Paddlers must remain seated in the boat at all times

A Drummer is required and may be requested from another team or from a pool of Drummers in the Marshaling Area. A certified Steersman will be provided for Corporate, Community and Rookie teams, and upon request for Club teams. Notify the Marshaling table upon Marshaling if you need a Drummer

All crew members must read and understand these official race rules, regulations and safety protocols.

Race Rules

All teams must have 14-20 paddlers and a drummer on the boat.

Certified Steersmen are provided if you do not have one.

All teams must paddle immediately to start line area, once loaded onto the boat.

Corporate/Community and Rookie teams will be scheduled for two, 250 meter races. A third, Final Championship race is offered to the top 3 teams in each Sub-Division (A, B, C, D, etc.). The sum of each team’s first two races, determines if they move into the Final Championship race within their division.

Club and Women’s teams will be scheduled for three, 250 meter races. Including a Final Championship or Consolation Race. The top two teams in A Division and B Division will qualify to race in the 100m knockout race.

BCS teams will be automatically entered into the Women’s Division races if the team’s members are legal to compete in that division.

The BCS Divisional Race consists of 1 Ceremony Race.

All teams must follow the ordering of the Race Grid’s assigned heats.

Once teams are at the starting line, all boats must respond to instructions given by Starting Judge.

The Starting Judge will begin the Start Commands once they are satisfied with the alignment of boats.

Start Commands are issued as follows:

  • We have alignment
  • Paddlers are you ready – at this time, Drummers and Steersmen must raise their hand if they are not ready. It is up to the judge to acknowledge or dismiss the request and restart the sequence of Start Commands.
  • Paddles Up – all crews prepare for the start, no delay request granted.
  • Air horn – crews may start paddling toward the finish line.

Starter Judge may issue following command, “STOP, STOP, STOP”, or three quick horn blasts, in which all crews must stop paddling and return to start line

Crews must start and end race in their assigned lane with all crew members

Crews must respond to judge’s commands during the race completion

Time recorded for each team represents the time it takes from the “Air horn” until the front most portion of the dragon boat crosses the finish line.

A boat must stay in its lane from the beginning until the end of the race.

If a collision is about to happen, the boat at fault must avoid a collision. If, in the opinion of the referee, nothing is done to prevent a collision, the steersman at fault will be considered a safety hazard and may be disqualified for the rest of the competition.

Protests must be reported to the Finish Line Judge at the Judges Tent (with a $50 cash processing fee) within 15 minutes after times are posted for the Heat in question. The Competition Committee (an Event Coordinator and two Judges) will rule. If the ruling is in your favor, the $50 will be returned.

If the festival ends early due to the Race Committee ruling, a team’s latest time will be used for the results.

Race Committee reserves the right to modify the race schedule, courses, and times due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. These may include weather, lack of daylight, safety, etc. These adjustments are part of the Festival and considered final without appeal.

If it rains, causing flooding, within five days of the Race, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may close the Lake Las Vegas Marina. In the event of a lake closure, due to flooding, EPA ruling, weather concerns the day of the race or by mandate of the Lake Las Vegas Marina, the race will not be rescheduled nor refunds of team registration fees, sponsorship funds or donations provided.

Mixed teams without the minimum number of women (eight female paddlers) will be disqualified but will be allowed to race for fun for “no time”. Prior notice must be given to Marshal Officials and Finish Line Judge.

Crew members who are “intoxicated” will be disqualified from racing for the day. All Judges, Marshalling and Dock Managers have the sole discretion to deny any athlete they feel is intoxicated or using illegal substances from entering the boat.

Any crew member or competitor who behaves improperly or shows contempt by bad conduct or speech toward Race Officials or any other persons, including spectators, may be disqualified for the day.

Time penalties or disqualifications may be assessed to teams that fail to follow these rules.